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System analysis and suggestion steps

Video Conference Consulting Service

System analysis and suggestion steps

시스템 분석 및 제안 단계

1. Accurate analysis of customer environment
2. Determine the appropriate budget scope through onsite survey and customer intentions.
3. Complete the design and run simulation for the design feasibility review.
4. Support objective evaluation of customers based on evaluation of products from various vendors.

GST solution provide special

지에스티 솔루션에서 제공하는 특별함

1. Diversification proposal based on user intention
2. Budget documents and construction plans according to selected proposals
3. System Design Related (Network, Conference Room Interior, Sound, Video) Each Detailed Plan
4. Quality Reports Related to Construction
5. A Field Tour for the Analysis of Installation Cases of the Same Size
6. Certificate and completion document for each product solution after completion of construction

Maintenance service provided by GST

지에스티가 제공하는 유지보수 서비스

1. Free maintenance service for 2 years (24 months)
2. Emergency Support on Request for Emergency Support (Support within 24 hours of Seoul and its vicinity)
3. After responding to equipment at sites requiring non-disruptive operation, the A/C service
4. A systematic and reasonable solution management service based on the payment maintenance contract