Passbot is a biometric technology-based non-face-to-face access control robot kiosk
developed by GST, an IT solution company


  - Non-contact air-touch screen
  - Non-face-to-face facial recognition authentication and fever check
  - ID checker for identification
  - Access card that can track visitor location
  - Pass/ID card entry/exit robot control program
  - Corona response visitor management


1. Corona infection prevention
  - By completely unmanned access control procedures, it fundamentally blocks the infection path of viruses that can spread from person to person.
2. Reduction of waiting time and cost reduction
  - It is possible to shorten the waiting time until writing and approval of the access application form, and labor costs for access management and security are reduced.
3. Immediate application of security reinforcement and security policy
  - It can solve the problem of access control for outsiders due to poor security management, and it is possible to apply the internal security policy of the access card without time lag.
4. Safety Accidents and Crime Prevention
  - Through real-time location tracking of visitors, safety accidents can be prevented in advance, and life crimes occurring in the vulnerable are prevented.
5. Possibility to create added value
  - It is possible to create added values ​​such as advertisements/publicity through the contents of the display, and it is possible to improve the external brand image by strengthening security.