MEDIAis a variety of multimedia integrated management solution
that was built to fit the environment..

MEDIAis solution

MEDIAis solution overview

  - HTML5 based Web Technology
  - Multi platform orientation.
  - Improvement of operations and stability.
  - Experience UI design.
  - Deploy Big Data and Hyperscale.
  - Media Cloud server a lower cost compared to the media.
  - Alive stream and an in-house UCC
  - Comprehensive and simple solution.

Multiple Solution Combinations

1. Conference Room Reservation System
  - Essential tools in organizational operations, introduce a conference room reservation system to efficient the operation of the meetings.
2. Data Interlink System
  - Real-time status can be monitored and managed using the screen UI and statistics using information data and database (DB).
3. Workers' Management System
  - It is possible to monitor and manage current situations by employees or executives in offices or outside of the office.
4. Energy Management System
  - By providing the conference room reservation status visually, it minimizes user inconvenience and contributes to the improvement of user satisfaction level.