10 years in the chest and belief and passion to paint the customer service, technology and creativity,
honesty and integrity of the GST philosophy.

Business Ideology

10년 동안 가슴으로 그려가는 믿음과 열정, 기술과 창의성, 정직과 성실성으로 고객 서비스를 실천하는 지에스티의 Philosophy입니다.

Ethics management
Keep a basic principle that ethical management through legislation, which corporate social responsibility and trying to grow and develop together with the company and customers, employees and cooperation it.

Quality Management
Continuous quality control management authentication by domestic as well as quality, excellence in the international markets, with the highest levels of quality customer faith in you.

Social Contribution
Love and love and management as part of the neighbors sharing an active community involvement activities through, going out to reinvent itself as corporate trust and respect. Trying to.

Environmental management
Environmental protection via the corporate environmental management system operation and the recognition that the mission and then go about it.