Business Field

Video conferencing solution

- The conference room, smart user smart video devices, smart office systems users.

- Cisco's server manager, meeting service delivery.

- Audio-visual setup and guides for videoconferencing.

The image, sound solution.

Conference room - Tailored specifically for video conferencing audiovisual design, Mike.

- Memorial Museum exhibition design.

- Design Media Facade Media Mapping

Digital blasting cartridge

- Unhindered delivery of real-time broadcast sound ip

- Application system proven network hybrid

- Broadcast area expansion, diversification of the 8 - convenient delivery and management.

CCTV Security solutions

- Facilities and security monitoring system features cctv

- Security / fire watch cctv system characteristics.

- Through CMS to servers in centralized monitoring, remote viewing.

3D integrated management platform.

- The police, cctv control personnel, including parking control, crime prevention, joint work.

- Preventing Rock Falling Accidents in various events and follow-up control of joint response.

- Operation and maintenance work integration of relevant equipment, cctv

MEDIAis solutions

- Delivery on multimedia content using a variety of screen and 8K ultra display resolution support.

- Free screen editing by providing easy screen for user-driven ux for editing and management.

- Manage a variety of integrated content with optimal schedule settings and administrator settings

- VR(Virtual Reality) System

Power plant solutions

- Intelligent image analysis using extraction data

- The current position of the measurer is detected using the laser beam.

- Wireless data collection of measurements per zone

IoT Smart safety management solution

- Operator's biometric information and access security management

- Sensor information processing and data integration services

- Integrated monitoring service.