Non-face-to-face biometrics
Access management solution

Perfect access security through non-face-to-face automated access management system

G post Non-face-to-face automated
access management system in preparation for the corona era

Prevent the spread of viral infectious diseases such as COVID-19


Prevents virus spread and reduces waiting time for pass issuance by
automating visitor identity verification and pass issuance non-face-to-face

prevent the spread of virus

Reduce visitor waiting time

Enhance facility security

Safety Accidents and Crime Prevention

Possible to create added value


Multimedia integrated management solution developed
for various usage environments

natural communication

Compliance with authentication and encryption standards

Support for various platforms of use

User-centric UI/UX


Provides a realistic user experience through vivid high-definition video and
clear, three-dimensional, high-quality audio

conference room reservation system

data linkage system

worker management system

energy management system


A system that accurately delivers the performer's sound source to the listener
with the clean sound quality of the original sound without distortion

Convenient control system

Compatibility with various devices

Verified safety level certification

Can be installed and broadcast anywhere

Diversified Broadcasting System